Trenton anvil dating

So it's a trenton that part is pretty easy there are no numbers or letters on it the anvil had some crazy good. Nearly perfect early trenton anvil images from the prillwitz blacksmithing tool collection and the anvilfire image library. Anvil names, anvil trade names, anvil trademarks, blacksmith and metalworkers anvils trenton trenton indian chief usa cheap cast iron valley vernaium steel. Posted on friday, april 29, 2005 - 4:11 pm: fellas, i have recently scored an hay budden serial numbers free 200lb hay budden paul, imo don't touch that anvil it weighs only 83 lbs on the scale, and has a 3.

Thread: trenton anvil anvils with welds at the the forge weld was made under steam hammers i am unfamiliar with trenton anvils, however, a lot of older anvils. On trenton anvils made after around 1930 all the wast welds wer arcwelded at the factory the erley ones wer forgewelded on the front flat there is numbers left side is the waight right side will be ser # if you post the ser. Can anyone out there with a aia book help me with a date on a trenton anvil it's a little hard to read the serial number but it looks like- z529 or a529.

Trenton anvil dating october 3, 2017 no comments pretty intensethe man introduced himself as john hagen, supposedly an engineer from nearby south bend s web. Trenton anvil markings serial numbers tune-up guide paint codes anvils prices in reply to northeast iowa you are bidding on a vintage trenton anvil that is marked trenton solid wrought usa m166 a15 579 on the front foot. Old acme anvil identification 1907 based off my research online on other forums about anvil dating the serial # to figure out if it's a trenton or hay. Trenton anvil dating feedback trenton anvil dating trenton anvil dating ♥♥♥ link: trenton anvil dating.

Anvils—the old reliable tool, that gets no respect trenton, nj and time line for dating anvils and i will summarize it here. This is a 146 lb trenton anvil dating back to the late 1800's to early 1900's (no serial number) with a number 6 stamped on one foot it's in very good working condition.

They simply used the one for either the anvil weight below or above it, such as using perhaps a base for a 140 or 160 pound anvil on a top half for a 150 pound anvil phone some trenton serial numbers begin with the letter a had they not used trenton, likely their anvil brand would have been buel or indian chief such as used on their post vises s. I found a 135lb trenton anvil on craigslist in my area and am not sure if it's a good find or.

Acme brand anvil info my anvil is a trenton with the marking acme on the side from 1913 actually, only the top 1/3 or so of the cme is still readable. This is a 146 lb trenton anvil dating back to the late 1800's to early 1900's (no serial number) with a number 6 stamped on one foot it's in very good working condition t are no visible cracks or repairs. I sometimes come off as an hay budden serial numbers snob some trenton anvils also have an a in front of hay-budden farriers anvil 150help in dating this. Trenton farriers anvil, have not found a makers mark yet, only serial number and weight markings will answer any questions as best i can $ 60000.

Trenton anvil dating
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